Restoring Minds Behavioral Health Services is a substance use program in eastern Baltimore County. Our primary objective is to empower individuals struggling with addictions by equipping them with the essential tools and resources to achieve and sustain recovery.


Established in 2018, August Rose Health Center (ARHC) is a distinguished, privately-owned mental health and wellness organization located in Maryland. We proudly hold full licensing from the State and accreditation from CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities).At ARHC, we strive to foster emotional well-being, promote recovery, and facilitate community inclusion for all individuals seeking our support.

Our Mission: To provide comprehensive mental health care to families and children utilizing the services of qualified professionals implementing individualized rehabilitation plans that assist all persons in obtaining their desired goals. This will reduce systematic behaviors and provide individuals with healthier and more productive lives.


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SkillUp with Me! SkillUp Health Training provides certification in multiple disciplines in healthcare such as medication technician,

CPR, Phlebotomy, etc. For more information, please email:

Small Minority BUsinesses Corner

We are CAJ TOURS INC., a family-owned and black owned motor coach company located in Aberdeen, Maryland. We have over 30 years of experience in the transportation industry. Our motor coach seats 56 passengers. It is fully equipped with WiFi, outlets for charging at every seat, a restroom, 6 TV monitors, and a microphone. WE TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO! ​

Bringing Loving Care to Home Care. Your trusted partner in your care journey.

If you need a Nurse Practitioner to assist virtually, telemedicine or in person for exams for psychiatric needs for adults or adolescents. We also assist with substance use needs with a MAT program available.

If you need a Therapist to service adults and adolescents with psychiatric needs.


IV Hydration is a mobile IV therapy company delivering the benefits of hydration infusion therapy directly to individuals, groups, parties,

or private events at locations convenient to our clients. Registered nurses administer flawlessly blended formulations of essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants designed to help our clients reach optimal health.

Our mission is to bridge the gap and enhance health equity by expanding breast care access for all at-risk individuals, especially in disadvantaged, culturally diverse and vulnerable communities through barrier-eliminating programs. Together we can win the fight against breast cancer! After all, that is our name! WIIN...Women's Imaging In the Neighborhood. For more information, visit: